Tuesday, September 20, 2011

netKar PRO FAQ and tips

This FAQ describes undocumented options and features of netKar PRO, and other tips.

Keyboard commands on track
ctrl - centre steering wheel
tab - display driver names
F1 - Cockpit view
F5 - Displays the Timing Monitor.  Press it again and drivers' stats are displayed (multiplayer).
W - pause replay(tip: press W to pause, and then D/F single step backwards and forwards)
Shift-K - keyboard controls (not K as the help says)
Shift-P - Toggle XBOX360 controller modes

Config Files
The following files are found in your C:\nkpro13\cfg folder and contain settings that you can't change via the game GUI.

MX, MY, MZ: Control the amount of driver's head movement in the cockpit [0 to 1]. Set to 0 to disable head movement on a specific axis.

MIPMAPBIAS: More negative values can sharpen textures but may introduce shimmering and aliasing, especially when in motion.  Increasing anisotropic filtering will give a better effect than making the mimap bias more negative.
SKIDBUFFERLENGTH: Determines how many of your skids are stored for display.  This number can be made much bigger to display more of your skid marks from earlier laps.

HARDMODE: Controls force feedback mode. When set to 1, gives a stronger feedback at low downforce levels that remains manageable at high downforce levels, giving a harder steer in the initial part of the turn.  Designed for use with the Formula 1600 and 1800 cars.

RESX,RESY: Can be increased to increase the resolution of the mirror display.
FOV: The angles of field of view displayed in the mirrors.

USE_OLD_STYLE: Set to 1 to have the game reload your last-used setup.  When 0, every session starts with the default setup.

TOP, LEFT, WIDTH, HEIGHT: The position of the chat box on screen. The screen axes go from -1.0 to 1.0 (0 is the centre).
FONTSCALE: Increase this to make the text box font bigger.
TEXTALIGN: 0 = left align chat, 1 = centre chat
TEXTCOLOUR: R,G,B chat text colour
ICHATPOSITION: Position on screen of the chat text you type (-1.0 to 1.0).
ICHATCOLOUR: R,G,B text colour of what you type
CHATHIDE: 0 = auto-hide chat box, 1 = don't hide chat box
CHATHIDETIME: Seconds until the text box auto-hides.

DEFAULTON: 0 = Pedal input graphic off by default, 1 = Pedal input graphic on by default (toggled by F8 key).

MODE: Some kind of triple monitor setup? MODE=3?

Config for AIM Display
Cars that have an AIM dash display have a config file, aim.ini, in the C:\nkpro13\cars\<CarType>\setup folder.  You can edit this file to adjust the rev limit at each which each LED on the AIM display lights up, by changing the RPM1 to 5 settings.

Default car setups
Default setups for each car can be found in the C:\nkpro13\cars\<CarType>\setup folders in a file called nkdksetup.nkst.  This file can be copied into your Documents\netKar PRO\setups\<CarType> folder and renamed to 'default.nkst', which will then show in the list of setups that can be loaded.  This is useful if you have messed up a car's setup beyond repair.

Alt-tabbing out of the game
If you don't tick 'fullscreen' in the GUI Settings -> Video settings section, you will be able to alt-tab in and out of the game when on track.  If you make the screen resolution your desktop resolution, the game will still run fullscreen.

Can't see the start lights?
On a triple-monitor setup, you might not be able to see the start lights at some tracks.  Watch the status bar on the top of the screen: on the top left, the "Race" text changes to "Race 0/x" when the lights go green.

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